m of premium brand

m de premium

COLOUR LINE. Avocados, mangos and papayas in our corporate livery where colour is king. Format: Cardboard case with 4 kilos or 2 kilos. WOODEN LINE. Avocados in attractive, convenient formats. Format: Cardboard display case (...)
bio organic - tropical millenium logo


Organic avocados and mangos. Format: 4 kilos, and punnets with 2-3 fruits. Our organic fruit comes from fully-certified organic growers practising biological or ecological agriculture. This type of agriculture is differentiated (...)
with the m of premium – limited edition tropical fruit

limited edition

Our highest quality products are our limited editions, with the m of premium. ONE-OFF LIMITED EDITION. Format: Packaged exclusively in 4-kilo wooden boxes. The visual appearance and quality of these fruits (...)
monsieur tropical fruits Malaga

monsieur tropical

This is a ripe avocado, ready to be eaten. “I’m a ripe one and no mistake” is how monsieur tropical defines himself. Packaging: several pieces per pack.

mïss tropical

Mïss tropical, a fresh, fun brand, full of flavour for our mangos. Marketed in different formats. Let’s mango.
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