Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable material

All our packaging materials are renewable and sustainable; all of them are certified by FSC and PEFC year after year.


The high/medium intensity fiber (MDF) comes from certified and sustainable forests. Likewise, all our pinting paper is recyclable.


Natural components for m de premium LIMITED-EDITION packaging are biodegradable/compost.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is made of natural materials from recycled products and sustainable sources. Moreover, these boxes are all assembled at packers’ warehouse; this way the saving on CO2 footprint is guaranteed. Our brand shows a clear commitment to environment and final consumers appreciate this value.

Triple R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Nowadays we are very aware of the importance of giving a second life to several products by reusing and recycling them. We are all responsible of taking care of our planet. Would like to invite you to use this packaging after enjoying the fruit.

Recommendations: use it as a box for placing your socks, toys or work tools. As shelves could also be great. Please, turn on your creativity and become aware of your reality. Let your imagination takes control and the sustainable spirit makes this box being useful in the future.

Social commitment

This commitment is full of positive meaning. It is synonymous with reaching out, helping and cooperating.


Every little helps and we’re all doing out bit. Based on this philosophy, the company works alongside several social projects and movements.

Mayores Sanos

Mayores sanos

‘Mayores sanos Málaga’ is a charity initiative run by a group of professionals and companies from Malaga, aimed at raising funds to alleviate the situation being suffered by this group due to the coronavirus health crisis.


The funds raised are being used to purchase protective material, as well as to provide extra health professionals to care for the elderly. Two Caritas residences are involved, El Buen Samaritano and La Casa del Sagrado Corazón, both in Malaga.

tropical millenium - bancosol

Bancosol, food bank in Malaga

The Costa del Sol Food Bank (Bancosol) is a non-profit entity that forms part of the Spanish Association of Food Banks (FESBAL).  It was formed in 1998 at the Mercamálaga wholesale market facilities with the aim of collecting and storing surpluses generated by the agro-food industry in the province, using them to aid vulnerable families by supplying them with food.


Every week we donate an average of 480 kilos of fruit to the Bancosol food bank, totalling approximately 24,960 kilos per year.

#estepaísloalimentamosunidos - covid19


The aim is to publicly express appreciation for everybody making sure that the food supply is guaranteed in this situation known as Covid 19.


The “We feed this country together” campaign has been proposed as a tribute to all those who participate in the food chain. It has been joined by over 200 companies and institutions. The initiative seeks to acknowledge the efforts of professionals whose commitment and day-to-day work ensure that the food supply is guaranteed, despite the difficulty of the current situation.

#ThisMUSTNotStop COVID19


When we join forces, nothing stops us. Let’s not let this crisis paralyse us.


This initiative, promoted by over 3000 companies of all sizes that form the backbone of the country’s different productive sectors, aims to publicly acknowledge, highlight and support all companies, their employees and entrepreneurs who are currently playing their part in ensuring that the wheel of the Spanish economy keeps turning, with DEEDS.


Everybody can join this initiative, regardless of the activity, sector or size of your company; whether you are an employee or self-employed. What matters is that individual examples inspire others who are working, transforming, reinventing themselves and fighting to overcome this crisis.


The professional fruit and vegetable sector in Spain has come together under a single message aimed at all Spanish consumers: ‘Live healthy’. It is a call for us to take care of ourselves and to protect those we love the most.


Now, in the midst of the current scenario, it is more necessary than ever to boost our health and identify products from the fields as allies in the fight against disease.


The initiative is being run all over Spain, from north to south and east to west, with the participation of the sector’s companies and organizations in all the main producing areas. We have all given up our individual brands and trademarks to focus attention on a single message: the goodness of our plant-based foods. Behind it there is a positive message of life and health for all Spaniards. The aim is to highlight things that make us feel comfortable and help us to be happy.


The project aims to involve consumers in this movement. By joining different hearts and colours, the logo represents our country’s extensive range of food products. The website is the main gateway for accessing all of the components: videos, news, advice, recipes. The message is summarised in a fresh and up-to-date video, full of sensitivity and feelings, with fruit and vegetables as the stars of the show.


We invite you to follow us on television, radio and social media and to trust our products to care for you and those who matter most to you in life.


Feel, cook, eat, pair, enjoy, live… #healthily.

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