We are Spain´s growers, marketers and highly qualified ripening tropical fruit

All over the last 20 years we contribute to people’s wellbeing through our tropical products

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From the south of Spain, in Malaga, we ripen and market/sales our tropical fruits 12 months of the year.

Our ripening masters works on/ carry out strict quality control and food safety just to offer our best product.

The key is ripening, freshness and taste.


The trendy tropical fruit, recognizable for its taste, the wide range of applications in the kitchen and its health properties.


The sweetest and most exquisite fruit, discover the variety you like the most.


Its smooth, aromatic, and sweet taste makes it a common ingredient in many recipes.


At Tropical Millenium we sell the pink pitaya. This variety has an intense pink colour on the outside and inside.

We believe that a healthy diet is the based of happiness


We have spent over 20 years working on comprehensive solutions, from ripening to selling through packaging, with the aim of offering the best product and service to our customers and supplier to build relationships strong and long-lasting.


The source of our quality starts in the fields. We work with growers in all the main production countries.

Our criterion is maximum quality not the source.


Throughout our 20 years of history, we have developed fresh fruit management processes from origin to our customers.


Our fruits are grown all year long with the highest standards of quality and food control by expert and qualified ingenier.

Being a benchmark for sustainability, service, and quality of tropical fruits in terms of taste and ripeness