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The trendy tropical fruit, recognizable for its taste, the wide range of applications in the kitchen and its health properties.

Avocado consumption continues growing,  according to the OECD’s Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030, which says that avocado will be the second most consumed tropical fruit by 2030.

This is mostly due to its mild taste, smooth texture, and range of applications in the kitchen, it can be used both, as a fruit and as a vegetable and for its nutritional properties that are beneficial to our health.

Tropical Millenium sells fresh and high-quality avocados with the best flavour all year round. We achieve this challenge thanks to a team of passionate professionals, including growers (internal and external), technicians and engineers. This teamwork, from the field to sales, including logistics and production, allows us to customize our product to the needs of each customer.

Production calendar

We work with growers in all the main countries.
Our criterion is maximum quality not the source.

Avocado: Hass / Green skin

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Southern Africa



The most consumed worldwide
Skin colour changes as it ripen
Yellow fleshy pulp
Small fruit of 200-300gr


Skin colour does not change when ripe
Oval shape and unwrinkled skin
Small fruit of 200-300gr
Yellow fleshy Pulp


The skin does not change color when ripe
Oval in shape and smooth skin
Small fruit of 200-300gr
Fleshy and yellow pulp


  • Water
  • High content of vitamin E
  • Significant amount of Vitamin A
  • Contains Vitamin C
    (in less proportion than other fruits)
  • Potassium Source
  • Rich in Magnesium
  • High content of monounsaturated fats
  • high fiber content
  • Rich in folic acid
  • Rich in vitamin B6
  • Rich in vitamin B2 Riboflavin
  • Rich in Niacin B3


  • Caja premium 4kg

  • Cesta

  • Caja Millenium 4kg

  • Malla

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