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The sweetest and most exquisite fruit, discover the variety you like the most.

With an annual average production of 25.000 tons, Spain is the main European producer of mangoes,  85% of this production is located in La Axarquía in Malaga.

In order to be the best we work closely with growers through all aspects that take a cultivation company to a higher level: food safety, traceability and safety

In the Spanish season, Tropical Millenium mangoes are easily recognizable because we do not remove the bloom, that is a natural protective layer generated by the fruit itself and we avoid excessive manage of the fruit, why touch what is good?

Production calendar

We work with growers in all the main countries.
Our criterion is maximum quality not the source.

Mango: Osteen / Palmer / Kent / Keitt

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One of the highest quality varieties, with a particular and intense sweet taste.

The oval-shaped fruit has an intense red colour with hints of yellow and green, with a soft and mild fibrous pulp.


The most representative variety in Spain, its pulp is light, medium firm, smooth, sweet with acid hints.

Attractive redish-orange colour, with light hints of crimson on the upper part.


This variety is the queen of the mangoes harvested on our tropical region, it has a very sweet taste with a firm and juicy pulp lacking in fibres.

The skin is delicate and sensitive to manipulation. It has a red colour ending in an orange tone. orange.

This variety is fully handcrafted from the tree till supplied, only harvested when the fruit is ready to be eaten.


Top flovoured variety, belonging to the category of intense sweet mangoes with slight notes of peach.

Orange colour with a light pink blush on the shoulders, ending with yellow-greenish tones.


Variety with a mild sweet flavour, with citrus notes and a light acid touch. It has a firm pulp and a lower sugar content than other varieties.

Purple colour, with hints of orange on a yellow and green base.




  • Water
  • High Vitamin C content
  • Source of Vitamin E
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Source of beta-carotene
  • Rich in folic acid
  • Rich in fibre


  • Caja Premium 4kg


  • Caja Millenium 4kg

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